• Welcome new homeowners into the community
  • Assist with community functions and activities
  • If known, call on families on the occasions of bereavement, births, illnesses, etc. to offer condolences, congratulations, or sympathy to those families in need.

Crime Watch


  • Provide monthly reports to the Board to share with the community about reported crime in the neighborhood, the City of DeSoto, and the surrounding suburbs.
  • Report any suspicious activity observed or reported by homeowners in the neighborhood



  • Keep record of all homeowners’ dues paid and outstanding
  • Keep record of all expenses
  • Make sure utilities and taxes are paid
  • Provide monthly income/expense reports for the Board

Block Captains


  • Two captains for each street
  • Keep street abreast of association meetings, functions, and concerns
  • Take homeowners’ concerns to the Association Board
  • Solicit homeowners for membership in the association
  • Report new homeowners to the Welcome and Hospitality Committee or the Board
  • Distribute information/flyers, etc. to homeowners on assigned street
  • Solicit Phase 1 residents to participate



  • To improve the quality of communication between the Executive board and the homeowners
  • To increase the willingness of the community/homeowners to enter into a dialogue with other homeowners
  • To enhance the understanding of the decisions, concerns, and factors that can influence actions within the community
  • To remove the stigma that a Homeowner’s Association is a negative within the community
    To share information throughout the community
  • To use technology to enhance communication (Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, Internet, newsletters, flyers)
  • To encourage teamwork and the exchange of knowledge and information throughout the community



  • Enhance the appearance and beauty of the Chapel Hill entryways and subdivision
  • Maintain and preserve the landscaping of the front entry on Chapel Hill and Carriage Creek, which will include:
    • Reviewing bids for entryway, and making recommendations to the Board
    • Soliciting/securing volunteers
    • Oversee maintenance and repair of the entry walls bearing the subdivision name
    • Work in conjunction with he holiday decorating committee for seasonal decorations of the entry walls and lawn